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Sliding wardrobes with some graphics on doors

Here are some pictures of some sliding wardrobes with images on the doors. We can put almost any image on doors whether its a football teams crest of your favourite football club or princess themed bedroom. Maybe a family photo or a beautiful landscape portrait. Theres lots of ways to create your own unique sliding doors. The picture of the kids doors for example are just a mixture of stickers a decals which can be removed as the kids get older. So their doors can change with the rooms

Walk-in Wardrobe Gallery

Heres a few pictures of a walk in wardrobe we completed in a dark walnut finish. As with all walk-in wardrobes each room has a different shape but is never a problem for the small but highly skilled craftsmen at swifts furniture to really utilize every part of the room.

Box-room Conversion to Walk-in

In this video, Jamie discusses how we converted a box-room into a walk-in wardrobe joined to a master bedroom.

Walk-in Wardrobe

This video discusses the how we laid out the units in a double-sided walk-in wardrobe. Each layout we do is tailor-made for each customer. We will talk you through your options and create a storage solution that matches your personal needs.

Wall-to-wall Sliding wardrobe

In this job the client requested that her new sliding wardrobe go wall-to-wall, thus putting a more symmetrical shape to the her bedroom .

The main problem was the chimney breast sticking out. After discussing ideas with our client and listening to what she hoped to achieve with regards to internal layout this is what we came up with.

To the far left of the wardrobe was an area specifically for her make up, hair dryer and other cosmetics . We fitted a small mirror over a deep drawer along with plenty of shelving. We also left a space for a stool. A double socket was also fitted for hair dryer and hair straighteners etc. Because we came out that bit further than normal to achieve this wall-to-wall slide robe there was extra space at the back of wardrobe . To really take advantage of this space we fitted storage shelves behind the hanging rails.

For the doors we used a champagne aluminium trim which framed an oak panel. This was broken with a pearl white glass band.

Restricted by Window

In this job, there wasn’t sufficient depth due the window being too close to wall . We started the slide robe 400mm away from wall which allowed us to fit fit in an open shelving unit at the side of the wardrobe. This way the client didn’t lose any space. The shelving unit could be used for books, cosmetics, shoes etc.

The doors were done with mirror in the middle with ivory either side.

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