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Wall-to-wall Sliding wardrobe

In this job the client requested that her new sliding wardrobe go wall-to-wall, thus putting a more symmetrical shape to the her bedroom .

The main problem was the chimney breast sticking out. After discussing ideas with our client and listening to what she hoped to achieve with regards to internal layout this is what we came up with.

To the far left of the wardrobe was an area specifically for her make up, hair dryer and other cosmetics . We fitted a small mirror over a deep drawer along with plenty of shelving. We also left a space for a stool. A double socket was also fitted for hair dryer and hair straighteners etc. Because we came out that bit further than normal to achieve this wall-to-wall slide robe there was extra space at the back of wardrobe . To really take advantage of this space we fitted storage shelves behind the hanging rails.

For the doors we used a champagne aluminium trim which framed an oak panel. This was broken with a pearl white glass band.

Restricted by Window

In this job, there wasn’t sufficient depth due the window being too close to wall . We started the slide robe 400mm away from wall which allowed us to fit fit in an open shelving unit at the side of the wardrobe. This way the client didn’t lose any space. The shelving unit could be used for books, cosmetics, shoes etc.

The doors were done with mirror in the middle with ivory either side.

Walk-in Wardrobe

This is a walk-in robe we created in the corner of a master bedroom. The unusual thing about this wardrobe is that the walls of the room are the actual wardrobe itself. We used a light walnut finish to clad the back of the carcases. We fitted a mirror door to slide back to create the entrance to the room.

By doing the wardrobe this way it saved the client erecting a timber stud partition, then slabbing it with plasterboard and rendering it with a skim coat finish. They would have then needed to get it painted and  have a door and skirting board fitted. It saved getting in 3 extra tradesmen in to complete this and saving money as a result.

Internal layouts

Here are some of the different internal layouts we have done. We fit all our carcass’ in an 18 mm panel with a 2 mm PVC edge. This type of edging provides a stronger more durable finish, making sure to get years out of your new wardrobe. Our reason for using a plain cream panel on the internal finish is that it is the most cost-effective way and does in no way compromise the strength and structure of our wardrobes. We have a choice of over 14 woodgrain finishes if that was in any way an issue for you. The external frame is always done in a woodgrain finish of your choice.  We are sure to find a style to suit your home.

As regards to the choice of layout, it’s really all about you and what you want. We take time to listen to what you want to achieve with your new wardrobe and then offer sound advice and our own ideas on our own experience. It can be as simple as a double hanging rail and a storage shelf or you can try incorporating your T.V or maybe a vanity station. But at the end of everything, it is all about you.


Space Created in a Dormer House

In this job, our client wanted to create space in the bedrooms. On inspection of the cavity space between the roof and the bedroom, we uncovered lots of wasted space and decided to put it to good use by removing sections of the studded wall . This allowed us to build directly into to the roof space.

We then insulated between the rafters of the roof  to provide sufficient thermal insulation . We made sure to provide sound and solid structural support  to the roof.

To really make the most out of the space we step the drawers, meaning we made each drawer bigger the lower they got. Where we didn’t fit drawers we fitted extra shelving at back of the wardrobes for storage .

‘Box room’ in standard 3 bed semi-detached house

In the following series of pictures shows work carried out in the box room room of a 3  bed semi house . We removed the built in box to expose the slope of the stairs . This room is usually short on storage space for clothes etc . This is an ideal way to create space and to provide a real bright and fresh look to the room .

Angle at bottom of the door

Step by step of work carried out by swifts furniture . In the pictures below the work was carried out in a standard 3 bed semi home . The client had wanted a bigger bedroom and decided to remove the dividing wall between the main bedroom and the box room . This aloud us design a wrap around slide robe shown in the pictures . White Glass with a drift wood frame .

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