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Kids room

We fitted this wardrobe in a young girls room . We went for a 5 ft mirror buffered by white glass top and bottom . As with most teenage girls a mirror was a must in the room but the parents didn’t want full mirrors . This seemed to be a fair compromise .

In the pictures you can see a bright pink room which works really well   the choice of doors , but also leaves the option that when they do decide to re decorate  the room the existing wardrobes will tie in with the new decor.

Other variations of colors included

Angle Door wardrobe

Pearl white glass with a slim band of dark wall-nut , just enough to tie the new wardrobe in with existing furniture . (dark wall-nut bed and bed side lockers)

Childs Bedroom with Built-in Study

In some images there’s a plane brown Medite top on the desk which is removable . The reason for this is the desk was in a young kids room and the parents wanted to keep its clean appearance until the child was older . The top we put down was great for doodling , taking notes etc.

Covering of a Heating System

A client had a real problem with getting something to cover his heating system in a real contemporary style and also to allow access to all pipes etc. With our design we offered him simple access by just sliding doors, but when he needed to gain a complete view and room to service it etc our doors lift directly out of the tracks allowing plenty of space to manoeuvre around.

Smart Solutions to Storage Problems

Follow the pictures for a step by step guide on how we doubled the space in a standard three bed semi. All of the work carried out by Swift”s Furniture in a clean and professional manner.  Please note, we stand over all our work with a ten year guarantee.

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