Six Cross Roads Business Park, Waterford, Ireland.

Space Created in a Dormer House

In this job, our client wanted to create space in the bedrooms. On inspection of the cavity space between the roof and the bedroom, we uncovered lots of wasted space and decided to put it to good use by removing sections of the studded wall . This allowed us to build directly into to the roof space.

We then insulated between the rafters of the roof  to provide sufficient thermal insulation . We made sure to provide sound and solid structural support  to the roof.

To really make the most out of the space we step the drawers, meaning we made each drawer bigger the lower they got. Where we didn’t fit drawers we fitted extra shelving at back of the wardrobes for storage .

Covering of a Heating System

A client had a real problem with getting something to cover his heating system in a real contemporary style and also to allow access to all pipes etc. With our design we offered him simple access by just sliding doors, but when he needed to gain a complete view and room to service it etc our doors lift directly out of the tracks allowing plenty of space to manoeuvre around.

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