Below are some of our frequently asked question.

How much will it cost?

For many people, this is the most important question. The starting price for a 2 door sliding wardrobe made to measure would be €1,000.

This would include

  • A choice of doors – Mirror, Colored glass and timber to choose from. Mix and match for endless choice and variations
  • Fully fitted by our very experienced, qualified and pleasant tradesmen.
  • A standard internal layout which consists of double hanging rail and a storage shelf behind each door. (accessories like pull down rails, tall boy drawer packs, individual drawers, tie racks, shoe drawers, shelving units, vanity stations etc can all be added to layout and can be seen in our showroom at unit 106 Six Cross Roads Business Park.)
  • Ten-year guarantee.

All accessories are priced individually at the end of your free quotation and are at a very competitive price.


Swifts furniture – pull down rail €50 extra to cost

Local D.I.Y store – pull down rail €79.95 extra to cost

Is my room shape too irregular?

No. We have a lot of experience with this issue and we have always been able to provide a suitable solution.

What about my old wardrobe?

Old wardrobes can be a real pain to deal with. Other fitters dismantle them and usually leave in a pile out your back garden. Don’t worry, Swift’s Furniture dismantles and removes and dispose of for all old wardrobes FREE of charge.

What is the minimum depth needed for a sliding wardrobe?

The minimum depth needed is 650 mm (25 1/2 inches). The standard depth of a wardrobe with hinged doors needs to be 500 mm but with a sliding wardrobe, you have to cater for the top track which is approximately 80 mm. We like to leave 70 mm clearance to allow sufficient space for doors to slide over and back without being blocked by coats etc. Although slide robes are a little deeper in depth you won’t need to worry about doors opening out the way.

In some cases, you might not have 650 mm in depth due to a window being to close to the wall or an alcove being only 500 mm deep etc and would wonder how to fit a slide robe in that space.

Don’t worry we have come across this many times and it’s not a problem for our experienced designers and fitters to work around and provide clever solutions.

What will I do with sockets and electrical fittings on the proposed wall of new slide robe?

We take care of all sockets etc by bringing them through into new wardrobe if required. In some cases, we can fit TVs in side new wardrobes or space for printers etc. All electrical work is carried out by our qualified professionals.

What is the max height I can go with my new sliding wardrobe?

The max height is at 2.8 meters high (Standard height from floor to ceiling in most houses is 2.4 meters).

What will I do if I have exposed pipes running along wall/floor where I want to fit new wardrobe?

Again, don’t worry. Our experienced designers and fitters have come across this problem many times and have lots of solutions. In some cases its great way to cover those pipes which are a real eye sore.

I have two alcoves divided by a chimney breast but would like to go wall to wall with my new sliding wardrobe.

This is not a problem as we will incorporate that chimney breast into the wardrobe. It can be an ideal space for a TV or maybe some shelving for shoes or cosmetics. If it was a space you would like to keep cosmetics like makeup, hairdryer etc we could fix a small vanity mirror there also depending on the depth of the chimney breast. But of course your new wardrobe is designed to suit you and your needs and we are happy to listen to your own ideas and help you utilize that space.