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Internal layouts

Here are some of the different internal layouts we have done. We fit all our carcass’ in an 18 mm panel with a 2 mm PVC edge. This type of edging provides a stronger more durable finish, making sure to get years out of your new wardrobe. Our reason for using a plain cream panel on the internal finish is that it is the most cost-effective way and does in no way compromise the strength and structure of our wardrobes. We have a choice of over 14 woodgrain finishes if that was in any way an issue for you. The external frame is always done in a woodgrain finish of your choice.  We are sure to find a style to suit your home.

As regards to the choice of layout, it’s really all about you and what you want. We take time to listen to what you want to achieve with your new wardrobe and then offer sound advice and our own ideas on our own experience. It can be as simple as a double hanging rail and a storage shelf or you can try incorporating your T.V or maybe a vanity station. But at the end of everything, it is all about you.

It doesn’t have to stop at clothes, we can provide office layout for files and books etc or may in a utility room. It is nice to hide your washer and dryer, hover and ironing board. Another great idea is to have them in your kitchen along with a blank wall. This will provide you with a huge pantry type effect. You keep almost your entire kitchen in the one section. Freeing up floor space somewhere else.

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